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Harps, Pipes & Fiddles

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Harps, Pipes & Fiddles
Track Listing
1. Temple Hill Reel/Temple Hill Jigs
3. Charles O'Conor/Father Hanly
4. I Long for Thy Virginitie/The Canaries
5. Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh (The Lament for Red-Haired
8. Barabel Phadruig/Donald Willie and His Dog/Donald Willie and His Dog
9. John Anderson, My Jo/Roxburgh Castle/Braw Lads O'Jethart/Kelso Lasses
11. The Friendly Piper/The Black Isle/Abbieville
12. The Swallow-Tailed Coat/Turf Lodge
13. Tending the Steer/Sandy Thompson/The Calrossie Cattle Wife
15. The Sidewalk Reels (Cold Frosty Morning/Yankee Dollar/The Trip to ...)
16. Bobby/Bag of Plums
17. Murray River/Saratoga/Mary Clare's Reel (Marie Fieldin's Favourites)
18. The Laird O'Brodie/Danzig Willie/The Merchant's Jig
19. The New Year's in/Youghal Quay
20. William Ritchie Esq/Hugh McKenna's Reel

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Surefire Synthetic Pipe Reed

The Easy reeds are the perfect reed for the beginner, child or ageing piper. They have a nice tone and will give results that will last and last when compared to cane reeds.

The Medium/Easy are the best selling of the Surefire reeds. They have a good volume and will last much longer than the conventional reeds. Quite often people will assume you are blowing a much harder reed.

The Medium reeds have good volume and tone and are best suited to the more experienced player. Extra strength will ensure some extra volume (but at a cost).

*Warning* The Strong reeds are very challenging and are only suitable for a very experienced player. It is packed with volume and tone and not for the faint hearted!

Practice Pipes

Made in Scotland, "Practice Pipes" are a complete set of pipes that retail at a fraction of the price of conventional bagpipes, however maintaining a high quality of sound.

The set includes the Bag, Drones, Blowstick, Long Deluxe Chanter, Bag Cover, Chanter Reed, Drone Reeds and Carry Bag. Perfect for long practice sessions in the house even at night. The set includes two brass drones (one bass drone, one tenor drone). As a smaller quieter set it requires less "puff" to play, thus it has proved to be very popular with younger / beginner players. This set is preferred by pipers due to the hole spacings and comes with a long practice chanter pitched around Bflat (Bb).

Scottish Smallpipes Mouthblown

These smallpipes come with two drones and are in the key of 'A'.  They feature a breathable synthetic bag, bag cover and carry case. They have a lovely rich tone and have enough volume for most folk sessions. 

Delrin Synthetic Highland Bagpipes

This Highland Bagpipe, made by Bagpipes Galore, is made of Delrin and is the most popular as a starter set. It is also widely used to travel around with as they are much stronger than African Blackwood. The set has a synthetic bag and comes with the chanter. They come ready to play out of the box-fully reeded and tested.

Steady Drone Synthetic Drone Reeds

This is a great sounding set of Scottish Drone reeds coming complete with three drone stabilisers (that fit into the bottom of the drone stocks).

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