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Aberdour Pipe Chanter Reed

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Aberdour Pipe Chanter Reed

The Easy reeds are the perfect reed for the beginner, child or ageing piper. They have a good tone and will give results equal to many much stronger reeds.

The Medium/Easy are the best selling of the Soutar reeds. They have a good volume and will last much longer than the easy reed. Quite often people will assume you are blowing a much harder reed. 

The Medium reeds have good volume and tone and are best suited to the more experienced player. Extra strength will ensure more durability and stability. 

The Medium/Strong reeds are fairly challenging and are best left for the experienced players. They have good volume and tone. 

*Warning* The Strong reeds are very challenging and are only suitable for a very experienced player. It is packed with volume and tone and not for the faint hearted! 
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