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Neil Good 4 Nov 2018
    I visited Bagpipes Galore at Varsity Music on Saturday 3rd November 2018. I travelled from Carlisle to trade in my set of Derlin bagpipes for which I was offered a fair price and I am now the proud owner of a pristine set of African Blackwood Bagpipes which were set up and prepared for collection later that day. I real pleasure to deal with Neil. Excellent advice and service which has always been much appreciated.
Regards, Neil Good, happy customer.
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    Quam ob rem id primum videamus, si placet, quatenus amor in amicitia progredi debeat. Numne, si Coriolanus habuit amicos, ferre contra patriam arma illi cum Coriolano debuerunt? num Vecellinum amici regnum adpetentem, num Maelium debuerunt iuvare.
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